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Baby Achillobator
For Huxley Paleozoo. Based largely on Bambiraptor, adjusted to be slightly chunkier.
Ludodactylus sibbicki
An attempt at a life recon. I'm of the mindset that Anhanguerians used their beaks and any head crests for intraspecific display and species recognition, and consequently that the heads may have been distinctively colored.
Ludodactylus skulls
Ludodactylus definitely deserves the name "toy finger" - it looks just like the "toothy Pteranodon" stereotype present in a lot of cheap toys! The holotype of L. sibbicki is an almost complete skull and mandible, missing only the distal part of the crest (of course I made it look like that of Pteranodon). Hyoid not shown.

MN 4797-V was referred to Brasileodactylus sp. by Sayao & Kellner. I disagree. It isn't clearly diagnostic to Brasileodactylus anymore, dentition patterns seem to differ, and it hails from a different formation than the holotype of B. araripensis. It's strikingly similar to Ludodactylus, though, which does come from the same formation (as pointed out previously by Unwin and Martill). It seems to have a proportionally shallower snout than the holotype, assuming relative tooth spacing stays roughly the same.

Scale bar is 5 cm.

Frey, E.; Martill, D.; Buchy, M. (2003). "A new crested ornithocheirid from the Lower Cretaceous of northeastern Brazil and the unusual death of an unusual pterosaur". Geological Society, London, Special Publication 217: 56-63.
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Veldmeijer, A.J.; Signore, M.; Meijer, H. (2005). "Brasileodactylus (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea, Anhangueridae); an update". Cranium 22(1): 45-56.

(this is my first skeletal diagram, feedback is appreciated!)
The variety of stem-bird feathers
Here are the many varieties of filamentous integument that have evolved in Avemetatarsalia. It's more complex than just the five stages!

Quotes denote nicknames I gave to filament types that, as far as I know, don't have a widely or technically used name yet. Tan vanes are made of many branching filaments, red vanes are solid.

Update 3/23/17: Added a few things I missed - kudos to :icontomozaurus: for pointing them out! Interestingly the feathers of DIP-V-15103 (the amber tail) clearly show an incompletely developed rhachis, seemingly bridging the gap between stages 2 and 3. It also seems barbules potentially evolved before the rhachis!

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